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Thursday, 21 July 2011

The Hites of Mt. Apsan

Hite beers on the heights of Mt. Apsan
OK. So my last post was me complaining about all the rain in Daegu, but evidently it is I who was wrong, not Mr. Draven. It did stop, and last weekend, the weather was simply perfect. Now that my football season, and incidentally my career, is over, Saturdays and Sundays are totally free. Leslie and I, and Puja, our friend Angie's dog, decided to make the most of the sunshine and head to Mount Apsan. Just 4 subway stops from central Daegu, the forested mountains are in stark contrast to the smog choked and heat oppressed down-town; the air is clearer, the traffic thinner and the views promised to be spectacular.
I can't deny it, this is one cute dog
After lunch and beers at the India restaurant (it didn't sell Indian food) we hiked the short distance to the cable car and cruised 800m skyward. Despite the blistering heat the modestly sized mountain offered a welcome breeze, and the views really were stunning.
Catching the breeze
Our late afternoon arrival meant the day's light was at it's best, and we could see for miles, even to my district of Siji and Daegu Stadium, some 8 miles east. The mountain was surprisingly devoid of hikers, a Korean obsession. In fact, I call the hiking trails 'the catwalks of Korea,' as unless you are dolled to the nines or kitted out in high-tech outdoor equipment you are severely under-dressed. It's hilarious, as the mountains here, though beautiful, are little more than swollen hills. Still, they are a healthy bunch, the Koreans, and you know what they say, 'look good, feel good.'
As the sun began to set, the heat of the day warranted icy cold beers from the summit cafe. Relaxing with our Hites, we enjoyed the silence and serenity of our lofty lookout, and what at ground level can be a stifling, humid and grimy city, the sprawling metropolis of Daegu looked calm and tranquil. Ignoring the distance distortion factor and probable heat stroke, my currently adopted home looked positively beautiful.
Daegu looking like a land of Leg0
My girlfriend Leslie with the star of the day, Puja