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Here is a list of all the countries I have been to...so far.

In no particular order;

Japan, Republic of Ireland, France x 3, Holland x 4, Germany x 3, Italy x 2, Spain x 11, Belgium x 2, Turkey x 2, Greece x 2, Slovakia, Czech Republic x 2, South Korea x 2, Hungary, Wales, Canada, U.S.A x 4, Mexico x 3, Peru, Monaco, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Australia x 4, New Zealand x 3, Thailand x 5, Malaysia x 3, Indonesia x 3, Singapore x 2, Hong Kong, India, Nepal, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Philippines, Tunisia, Vatican City, Egypt, Poland, Austria, Israel x 2, Fiji, Morocco and French Polynesia. 

I realise that Monaco, Wales and the Vatican City are controversial additions to the list, but hey...they have borders.