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Sunday, 28 August 2011

On Your Marks...Set...DOH!

Last night saw one of the greatest surprises in recent sporting history...Usain Bolt did NOT win the 100m final at the Daegu World Champs. After cruising to victory in the semi-final, the steaming hot favorite for gold inexplicably false started to be automatically disqualified. From my cheeky vantage point on a hill behind the stadium...I tried to buy tickets, honestly...I had a great view of most of the track and the giant screen. As the tension mounted leading up to the final, the 'Lightening Bolt' looked relaxed and confident. The seconds ticked down, and a palpable hush fell over the expectant crowd, both inside and out, and as the athletes took the starting blocks, it seems all of Daegu held it's collective breath.

The lightening Bolt, or should that be 'Lightening Fault,' left the blocks early, and owing to the harsh rules was instantly disqualified. The crowd were in shock, and doubt so too were the remaining finalists, realising their chances of winning had not only improved, but perhaps only then appeared. Bolt was such an overwhelming favourite, I am sure they would have been delighted with a silver or bronze. It is nice to see a relatively unknown athlete in Jamaican Yohan Blake win such a prestigious title, but I can't help but feeling sympathy for such an incredible sprinter and likeable character as Bolt. The rules are undoubtedly tough, and all of Bolt's competitors shared my sympathies, including the noble medal winners.I just hope the  'Blunder Bolt,' regains his composure in time for the 200m next weekend...and this time, I have genuine tickets for the final...honestly.
Winner Yohan Blake
Dejected and disconsolate