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Monday, 22 August 2011

Badminton with a difference, anyone?

I have just completed a two week summer camp with my school, Moonkkang. It was tiring but fun, and certainly worth it for the extra cash. However, the highlight was not the money, but this. A fellow teacher shared an article with me, written by one of her middle school level students, name unknown. No intro necessary, just read and enjoy.

Killing Spare Times
Playing badminton is easy. All you need is a racket and your cock. While playing badminton, we jump and hit the cock, and run and smash the cock. Don't let the cock fly out of the hand. Just bash the cock, and control the cock with a few special strokes. Simple isn't it? Do you want to play?

Hilarious. And genuine...honestly!

Coming soon: Adventures from the Land of the Rising Sun.